The Face Behind The Brand

As a girl,introverted and shy I began putting my pencil to paper since I was unable to verbalize my thoughts and feelings. Some days I utilized that same pencil on my sketchbook. I’d draw everything around me. As I aged some, I felt a strong connection to music. Beats more than the lyrics. I’d hear music and want to just move. One day, as quirky as I was. I did just that. I moved. And I still do anytime I hear a beat that speaks to me. When I move I don’t care what it looks like you see, because I’m lightyears away in my own world during those times. These are some ways in which I used to express myself. As a woman, still. Only I now use a pen to that same paper, and it’s copy written. In writing you can go anywhere you wanna go as well as escape your current reality. That was my life. The quirky girl who was once, still perfectly imperfect stands and owns every single thing that I am. And everything that I am not, while utilizing my platform to reach others and to encourage happy and healthy relationships with themselves and others. Helping them to find the voice to speak on things that they otherwise may not have. My goal is to reach as many people as possible in my lifetime and to leave a lasting impact with each one. Unapologetically claiming myself and my place in this world didn’t come without a cost, but I wouldn’t ask for not one refund.