When Size Matters

      My how I’ve missed delivering your hot and ready weekly jewels over the Holidays. Hopefully you all got everything that you hearts desired, and the year is off to a wonderful start. As it stands, one of my good good girlfriends actually received a little more than she bargained for. And of course she was looking for me to weigh in on what it is exactly that you do when new bae shows up with more “D” than you were ready for. Stop rubbing your eyes. You read right. A big Johnson is absolutely not always the end all and be all. Don’t get me wrong, neither is a shrimp. But you catch my drift. 

     Perhaps it’s the world of porn that has programmed us to believe that bigger is better. Oddly enough, way back when, smaller penises were preferred. Large penises were associated with foul-mindedness and Lust. As in Greek mythology, Priapus, the god of fertility was thrust from Mt Olympus because he was strongly disliked by other gods for his extra large always erect penis.  Over time, the focus has been geared more toward size than it has satisfaction. It is on that note that I would say skill level is ALWAYS more important than size. 

      Having a large penis for men of our times is like a badge of honor. No one wants to be known as the little man. And let’s not even talk about the “I’m gonna beat it up” types that plan to do just that. Get in and hump you like a jack rabbit. Then blast off in t-minus 2 seconds. Leaving a woman orgasmless. I’m almost certain that I just made that word up, however there’s nothing worse than having to finish the job yourself after. 

     To get back on topic however, there is a such thing as getting used to or working with a more well endowed partner. Keeping in mind that the average sized penis is a mere 5.2 inches long and 4.6 inches around when erect. To be considered larger than average, the ruler would need to read considerably longer than that. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves guys. Know your place on the ruler first. When asking women about the perfect size for them, the answers will vary as to what gets them to where they need to be. I will absolutely say that girth matters. But I can’t recall other than on one occasion speaking with a young lady who says  that she loves a small penis. 

     Having pleasurable sex with a more well endowed man is quite possible with a self aware man. Knowing that he is in fact larger than most is key. That means whipping out and penetrating a center that hasn’t been “warmed up” is not going to give that woman pleasure. Foreplay to get her juices flowing and knowing how to gradually inch your  way inside is key. Let’s be real. We as women can dilate ten centimeters and push out a baby. We can in fact stretch, but no one wants an uncomfortable sexual interaction. Practicing positions that also allow the woman to control the narrative is helpful. Here are a few.

      Tight missionary: This is exactly as it sounds. Her on her back with legs flat and close together. This controls how deep the penetration can go. To keep things slippery and wet, ladies use a hand to massage your clit or a small vibrator. 

       Side-by-side: This would be equivalent to spooning. Only face to face. Another way for the female to control the penetration. 

      The cowgirl: Yes surprisingly and as shocking as this may sound, be courageous enough to jump on top. This is yet another way to control how much of his length enters you. Make it a slow ride until you’re moist and loose enough to speed up the pace for what could be the best orgasm of your life. 

      Standing doggy: With this, deep penetration is harder than with kneeling doggy. Standing on tip toes or slight squatting to get the right angle will be necessary but will make for another great position. 

      If all else fails ladies and you’re scared to tackle it, put your oral skills to work. Penetration isn’t the holy grail of sex, or so I’ve been told. (Laughs really loud) With oral sex and a massive erection, the use of your hands can limit gagging by taking only into your mouth what your pallet can handle. And for the ladies with little to no gag reflex, have at it. 

     So there you have it, to the not so well endowed fellas, working with a monster can also have its drawbacks. Aside from penis enlargement surgery, there isn’t much that you can do with what you’re born with besides literally knowing how to work with it. Whether it be long and skinny, short and stout, or just the right combination of the two, knowing what works for your partner and how to make sure she achieves orgasm is key. Don’t be a selfish lover and think that because you showed up with dick, that you’ve done your part. That is very far from the truth. We are living our best lives all this new decade. Let’s start with being informed and coachable. Two very pertinent components to great sexual experiences. Until next time. 

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  • This exactly why i extend my arm to you.. the congregation of world needs to hear what miss Dawn West Is Preaching!! ✔️💯 I Mean, Hello!!

    • Blackface
  • I miss our group chats. This is right on time, as I think all of us can agree with every bit of this post. Knowing and being willing to explore matters more than “just showing up with the D”. As always…keep the red table talk coming 😘

    • Dollface - Tennille ♡
  • I love this! Yes, you hit the needle on the big head, he cannot think that just because he came with a big dick that’s enough. Performance is key. Not to mention chemistry and with that said even a man with a smaller penis can get you there.

    Connection, and communication is key to great sex, not penis size. I think a lot of guys with the big D need to hear it and check themselves. Of course the bigger ones are great when they do understand.

    Loved this blog.

    • Malyonjays