The Phenomenon known as squirting

    This past week one of the people’s favorites, Plies took to social media asking for his followers to explain squirting. The answers were just mind boggling. Several people associate a female squirting with being simply urination. Others just are not certain due to lack of education on the matter. I touched on this topic before in one of my forums. Spoiler alert.....squirting or female ejaculate as it is technically termed REALLY is a thing. And it is in fact a combination of female fluids and a slight amount of urine because of how it is produced. 

    Let’s get technical for a minute. Female ejaculation or squirting is the expulsion of fluid from the urethra (the gland that carries urine from the bladder out of the body) during orgasm OR sexual arousal. There are two types of female ejaculate. 

Squirting Fluid~ usually colorless, odorless, and occurring in large quantities.

Ejaculate fluid~ Closely resembles male semen. Thick and milky. 

These usually contain prostatic acid phosphate which is found in male semen to help sperm motility. Also fructose, which is an energy source. 

Where does it come from you ask? The “technical” answer for that is the skenes gland (female prostate) which sits on the front of the inside wall of a vagina near the g-spot. For this reason it was initially associated with incontinence problems. The build up, or female ejaculate accumulates in the bladder during arousal, leaving the urethra during ejaculation. 

     The lack of knowledge in this matter I’d say can be attributed to the fact that not all women will experience this in their lifetime. Then there are some that do, and don’t notice it. As all females create ejaculate, some just don’t expel it. Between 10-50% of women will experience it at some point. And only 14% experience it with every orgasm. As squirting and orgasm are NOT something that always go hand in hand. 

    Did you know that a woman can have a pleasurable sexual encounter that does not end in orgasm? Well, now you do. A woman can be so aroused that her body will squirt from the build up, yet she not reach her climax. In most studies, women say that the direct clitoral stimulation from masturbation or oral sex is usually what triggers their ejaculations. I will attest to that. Although each case will not be the same. But to drop a cheat code for the guys......oral sex, with fingers inserted to massage the g-spot (that spongy area toward the front like you’re searching for her belly button) will cause arousal like none other. Even if she doesn’t squirt, she’ll surely orgasm when done right. 

     As a woman it is very important to know your body and it’s functions so not to be confused when you experience something new or different. Although squirting is expelled through the urethra, you will not experience the same sensation as when you pee. Typically it will soak the bed and be thicker in consistency. Or, it may just almost put someone’s eye out. (I chuckled)  Either way, if you know, you just know. Even though men speak on women squirting like it’s a badge of honor, a lot of women are actually embarrassed by it, especially as a first occurrence. 

    Hopefully this clears up some of the myths about females that squirt, as well as educates those who don’t know but are too afraid to ask. When in doubt, ask a professional. I’m just here to help. And that’s my truth on a Tuesday. 

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  • Funny how women are def embarrassed bu it. And on the other end I be like 🤩… But good def more clear now, and the slight urine thing makes sense.

    • Jay
  • Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to explain for a while. Some just don’t seem to understand but you broke it down and made it more digestible lol.

    • Yawny