The Swirl

     It’s Tuesday, so y’all knew I would be coming through with some candid truths. As I’ve gone about my day, I have saw and even had sent to me in dm on social media a post of an interracial “celebrity” couple. The reviews on this post have been mixed and falling somewhere between “too cute” and “he’s never shown off a black girlfriend like that.” The couple in question are none other than Jezzy and Jeannie Mai. Before I weigh in on this, I will say that my avid followers know what my bottom line is. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

     We live in a time where although we are labeled as free as blacks because of the works of our ancestors, the reality is that we are anything but. From politics to every day situations, we realize that black lives don’t matter as much as those who were born under white privilege. However, when it comes to race, I am only prejudice on an individual basis to those who have behaviors that call for that. When it comes to finding a mate, I feel like to each their own. 

     Now, back to this post surrounding Jezzy and Jeannie. We as people are so quick to look for “a reason” as to why someone else is doing something. First of all, it has no bearing on what you’re doing so it’s none of your business. Secondly, why does it have to be about the money for her or because someone of the opposite race is checking for him? Let’s just play devils advocate and say, what if they’re TRULY happy? Is it that far of a stretch that someone of the opposite race can have you in a place of bliss? I mean it is just skin right? 

      Listen up, I don’t pound these keys weekly, or get on my soapbox because I’m bored. The large majority of my audience are singles. And I’d love to help change that if even through a slight jewel I may drop. I say all of this to say, sometimes to get something you’ve never had, you may have to do something you’ve never done. I’m sure I have stressed previously that sometimes your type is the very reason why you continue to come up empty. 
       What if we were color blind? Of course that’s a rhetorical question. However, the point I’m making is being resistant to change could have you walking past the love of your life because they’re covered in skin different from yours. From the outside looking in, people are tearing Jezzy a new one based upon stereotypes and a previous recording of Jeannie. As I stated when I was messaged about it, she is entitled to have a preference. She also never said anything derogatory about the black man. Actually quite the opposite. She said she loves them but she found her place with the white man. What if Jezzy broke that mold for her and has shown her that the black man can be held to a higher standard? What if?

     Ladies and gents as we embark upon a new year, let’s learn some new behaviors. Enhance your pallets a little, and sample some new flavors. You’d be surprised, you just may like it. Stop allowing society to tell you what your personal life should look like. Don’t let that be the reason that you spend countless nights home alone and miserable. Every white  person is not the oppressor. Nor are Asian like Jeannie, Mexican, Latino, or any other race. Love should be colorblind. If you adapt that way of being, you may just find that a lot of time has been wasted when what was for you had been overlooked time and time again. 

     Like with anything, everything ain’t for everybody. So I’m not implying that tomorrow each single person reading this will find the love they’ve been seeking in another race. What I am however implying is that ladies if you keep thinking that the club is your only pool of men and continuously get one night stands, don’t blame the men. Fellas, if you’re more concerned with the curves of her body and not the depths of her thoughts, don’t be upset that she isn’t marriage material. Whether it be another race or merely a whole different type, don’t place yourself in a box that leaves you lonely. It’s holiday time and days away from an entirely new decade. Let’s live our best lives. We’re all on borrowed time anyways. 

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