The scent of a woman

     A gorgeous smile. Great teeth. A sexy walk. Flawless skin. A nice body. Chiseled features. The list could go on and on if someone asks what attracts you to another person. I also know that a man or woman that smells good is a plus for most. There’s usually that one fragrance that just does it for a woman when she smells it on a man. Just as the faint scent that a light breeze carries past a man’s nose when a woman walks by stimulates many of his senses. As much as all of these factors of physical attraction matter, hygiene should be at the top of the list. 

      Some of you would say that having good hygiene is a no brainer. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there are adults who have not been taught to properly cleanse and maintain themselves. That’s why I’m here. You all can thank me later! Ladies, I hold us to a higher standard by default. Of course because we share a gender, and I expect us all to be as great as possible. At all times. However fellas, you all are never off the hook when it comes to accountability. Therefore I am gonna drop a few jewels to ensure the happiest and healthiest sex lives with a great ph balance on top like a cherry. Insert wink. 

     Each woman has her own natural scent. We tend to reference our lady parts as fruits and such. When in all actuality no fruit can compare to the magic that we possess between our thighs. This is why it is imperative to take the best care of it. The scent of a woman, or the natural scent of a woman’s body is normally concentrated to a small area not related to the sexual organs. In a sexual aspect, the scent of a woman is a remarkable and pleasant scent that comes from a healthy woman’s vagina that attracts a man to it.

      The fundamentals to keeping clean and healthy genitals aren’t difficult, yet very pertinent. The vagina is the most delicate part of the woman’s body and should be handled as such. Would you bathe your newborn in Irish spring soap? Well why would you subject your vag to it or anything remotely close? Monthly cycles assure that our inner is cleansed, however the outside should be kept clean and dry at all times by using non scented soap or feminine wash to help maintain the ph balance. At no time should a douche be used. This can harm or wash away the healthy bacteria’s which are in place to keep the proper ph balance. As can the wrong soaps. 

      As a sexually active woman, that makes susceptibility to bacterial vaginosis higher. If you and your partner do not use condoms and he frequently ejaculates in you, this too can harm or throw off your ph. Use the bathroom immediately after sex to allow the majority of the semen to escape in the toilet. When showering or bathing, utilize your longest finger to sweep the excess moisture from inside of your walls using only clear water. Followed up with cleaning the outer vulva area, not leaving out the perineal area, or the space between the vagina and the anus. This is the source for a lot of odor when not properly cared for. As with wiping, all washing should be done from front to back. 

       This unpopular opinion may get me hit with a few tomatoes but not wearing panties is also not the most healthy thing to do in certain clothing. I said what I said! I read an article on one of your favorite female rappers that detailed how she had a putrid odor as she twerked around. My first response was, “She looks like she smells.” Imagine squeezing your lady parts into stone washed denim with no cotton barrier between with all of the dyes and fibers festering between your legs all day. Just think of the number that does on ones ph balance? Aside from that, cotton crotch panties cut down on sweat, hence a musty odor some carry especially in warm weather when wearing no panties. Unscented pantiliners to catch natural secretions and moisture are also a plus. 

     Let’s get into landscaping for a bit here. Everyone has a preference mostly for appearance sakes whether or not you wax it all off, or keep a landing strip. Whatever you do, the less hair on your privates, the better. Hair is a magnet for unhealthy bacteria’s as well as holds urine  no matter how well you think you wipe. This means that hair carries odor. Fellas this goes for you as well. Keep those trees trimmed if you expect someone’s face to be in that area. It may even add an extra visible inch to your situation. Again, thank me later!

      Guys, you don’t get off that easy. I’m sure most of you feel like because you have outside junk that it’s an easy fix. That is very far from the truth as well as the reason in a lot of instances for your woman’s ph being off. Aside from hair removal, proper washing of the penis is necessary. As well as is moist-wiping after urinating. The penis too is very sensitive and should be lathered, washed and rinsed with care. Being sure to get under all folds of skin. After sex being included. Take proper care to dry it as well as the testicles as not to hold moisture which too causes odor. A light powder to help keep them dry and cotton underwear are perfect for your package. Now ladies, you all please refrain from any powders or sprays. That can cause an issue that you don’t care to have. Just stay away from them. 

     When thinking of sexual parts, it should not be associated with a stench or any negative connotation. If there is an issue, or you feel like something is off, by all means seek medical attention. However, your every day hygiene routine will help keep your genitals healthy when done properly. Be good to it, and it will be good to you. Remember, living your best sex lives is a part of the goal, so if you don’t know ask. Now follow those pheromones and have some great sex this week! 






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  • This was such an insightful and interesting article. I loved all the advice and tips!

    • Kimberly Racquel
  • Excellent blog!! In this case I am so happy the title is literal and not a metaphor to allow those who need it to get it.

    This is my area of expertise in a sense that I have such a close relationship with my own va-Jay-Jay so I treat her very well. I protect her reputation by keeping her clean and healthy.

    When considering the scent of you as a woman be mindful of what you consume certain foods can be smelled via the secretion of your lady parts and please drink lots of water to keep her moist.

    I agree no douching and yes- let’s keep it real the last day of the cycle is funky during the ovulation stage. During the last day wear a light tampon it will prevent the order while the body cleanses itself. Also maturbate to allow it cleanse out faster, I dead serious.

    Ladies who suffer from frequent bouts of vaginosis check your diet especially your sugar intake, add ph drops to your water, and during those episodes insert a vitamin C tablet that contains rosehip into your vagina at bed time to heal you faster. Most importantly water and get your ph in tact.

    I agree wear panties for crying out loud especially cotton on those days when you don’t have to be extra cute…trust me your lady parts will thank you. Use those panty liners unscented of course to keep it nice and dry.

    Lastly sweeten your juices, surprisingly fresh parsley tea works better that pineapples and it helps with bloat and water retention.

    You touched on it Dawn West, however, it amazes me how many women neglect there lady parts or don’t know how to properly care for her. Bottomline queens not only lift each others crowns we share how to take care of our sweet thrones.

    Be sweet lovelies.

    • Malyonjays
  • Great post! Vaginal steaming also helps everything in order. Gets rid of BV/Yeast

    • Shamir