Sex on the beach

      Sitting on a balcony overlooking the beach a few nights ago, the topic sex on the beach comes up. My sisters and I are always down for a good uncut conversation. And they never come with any form of judgement. This made me think of my favorite warm up game for my girls night in events. Never have I ever. Never have I ever had sex in a public place. I always put that out there to see who will have to take a shot if they have done so before. Surprisingly enough, several cups always go up. That makes me smile.

    I know that many of you may turn your nose up at the thought. How could I ever do such a thing? What if someone sees us? That is so germy. The list goes on and on with reasons why some people say no to public sex. And then there’s the ones who say it’s just plain “nasty.” That’s a word that is prohibited from any of my forums with grown folks. Nasty, to me, is watery unseasoned potato salad. I don’t associate that word  with sex acts between two consenting adults. It’s just immature. Fellas, keep that in mind when you are shooting your jumper and tell a lady that you’re nasty. Instant turn off. Just here to help. 

    Take a moment to think of that person that just “does it for you.” I mean, you see him or her and no matter where you all are, in your mind, they can get it! Well, what’s stopping you from a good spontaneous quickie? Oh. That’s right, you’re nervous because it’s a public place. Especially since this scene is set on the beach and it’s a lot of people buzzing around. Women laid out tanning. People running toward the waves. Guys listening to music while chugging beers. All the makings for the perfect voyeuristic experience.  In case you didn’t know, swimwear is the most easy access clothing to aid in your indiscretions. Use that to your advantage.

    I can picture it now. Beach chairs side by side, covered by an oversized umbrella, with flickers of the sun dancing off of his tall, dark, and chiseled body. Factor in amazing chemistry, a few cocktails and an over active libido. What are we gonna do? Scurry back in doors or seize the moment? Ladies, don’t be a prude. Grab that beach towel, throwing it across your mid section after you sit in his lap and discreetly slide out of his trunks what should now be a nice erection from the rush. That’s right. You’ve been training for this all of your life. And this is your moment. Buck that ass into him in a slow and intentional rhythm, remembering to pay attention to your kegels, until he can’t hold it anymore. Make it the best ride ever. That public sexscapade and adrenaline rush is going to change the dynamic of your sex later that evening, and hopefully for the entire vacation if that’s the case. 

    You see, it’s only so many ways that you can pull off missionary sex, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, you name it. But random unplanned sex acts will be the very thing that keeps your sex life relevant. Fellas. Think for a minute about sliding between her thighs while she is in the kitchen prepping dinner. Take her completely off guard. You might get more home cooked meals from that alone. Nothing is ever “off limits” with your person. What IS off limits is doing the same boring things over and over. Or sexual deprivation. Just a friendly reminder ladies, what you won’t do, his work wife is dying to catch you slipping on so she can do it. Fellas, the same rules of engagement apply. 

     In the times that we live in, there are so many outside forces draining men and women daily. Your relationship shouldn’t be one of them. That should  be your safe haven. Your peaceful place. A place of happiness and excitement. It should in no way be robotic. Be so enthralled with setting the bar each time you interact sexually that you surprise your damn self sometimes. Don’t be that couple that’s still together because it just “works,” but it lacks passion. Keep the same energy in your relationships that you have in the beginning. Don’t fall victim to complacency or selfishness and end up finding yourself by yourself. Throw caution to the wind every now and then and do something spontaneous when the mood and opportunity arises. I promise you, you’ll thank me later. In the mean time, let’s keep living our best sex lives in and out of the bedroom. 

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  • I agree there is nothing wrong with how two consenting adults express their sexual language. In other-words… there is no need for subtitles or translation when two bodies form the conversation of intimacy.

    By the way in regards to your, “have I ever or never” more likely than not I would probably be extremely inebriated LOL.

    As always Dawn West you dare us to be free sexually and most importantly to celebrate the gift of femininity casting the judgements and double standards to the prude winds.

    I love it :-)

    • Malyonjays