New Year New Love

Happy New Year luvbugs. It's been a while, but no way was I gonna let you all go rogue. Out here tryna date for the new year with last year's stinkin thinking. I’ve been watching from the sideline. Trust me! This year, we're showing up as our best selves. And we are being accountable in every situation. Hence being able to attract all which is good that the universe has for us. 

Never settle. That is a mantra in which so many base their lives upon. Yet do not realize that very thing can cause them to be stagnant. We as people are given such a short amount of time here on earth. Time that should be spent living our happiest and healthiest lives. Therefore settling for anything less than what we deserve is doing ourselves a disservice. Right? Let's talk about that briefly. 

Finding the fine line between settling and being realistic is key. Also it is a task which is missed by many people. We can in fact have whatever our heart desires in most instances if we go out and get it. When we equate those wants with a relationship status, and allowing someone into our lives to fill that space, we must remember that we are all imperfect people. Before we set out to look for this "perfect" person, be mindful that meeting the requirements of YOUR requirements makes things a little more realistic in the grand scheme of things. 

Never would I EVER suggest anyone take wooden nickels because they have not met and/or maxed out their life goals quite yet. However, be mindful that each person is a work in progress and that there are no finished products. Just don't overlook who God sent to help because they are not dressed up in the form of your checklist of your requirements. You just may miss your blessing. 

So many of us are looking for a finished and refined copy of a mate when we ourselves are still works in progress. My personal prayers alway include the request to continually shape me into the woman who adds value to my man's life. Of course we all have our likes and dislikes. Or should I say our "ideal look" for our love life. 

Here's a few things to consider. How can you require a woman or man to be built like a brick house, but you yourself are sloppy and refuse to run a lap? How can you require a rich man without having the drive or wherewithal to be a rich wife. How about the ones who don't want a "friendly" partner, but happen to be more friendly than Chuck E Cheese!?

There are levels to these lists!
Do the work on Self and again, make sure that you MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF YOUR REQUIREMENTS.Or at bare minimum, be working toward it. No one is implying that you bed a broke man (mentally, physically, and financially while being ok with it), simply because you don't have ten stacks in petty cash. Or that a man wife a hoe because he at some point was a bit wild, but you all get the point. 

The bottom line is let’s normalize working toward being our best selves in order to attract what's best for ourselves. BE ACCOUNTABLE. Ask yourself what can you do to be a better you. Do that internal work. And don't be out here in search of a good man/woman til you have met the requirements yourself. We are leaving toxicity behind us. Be blessed this New Year. Wishing you all lots of genuine love and orgasms. 


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