Maybe I deserve....

So we meet again on yet another glorious Tuesday. Did you all miss me while I was out working on some great material for all of my luvbugs? I promise you that if nothing else, this year I will leave you with so many jewels to help live your best lives. It’s just up to you to pick up the jewels that I drop. I was idly scrolling social media the other day trying to see what if anything I’d missed when I stumbled upon a quote that resonated with me. 

You deserve someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life,” is what it read. It wasn’t so much of the knee jerk reaction that it got out of me as it was the realization that a lot of people’s lives are now the sum total of a social media post. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many motivational truths that are spoken, but while we all deserve the best, we must be willing to also deliver the same. Haven’t you all been listening to anything that I’ve been telling you? 

What I’m saying is, you can’t be so caught up on auditioning to find this person who makes it obvious that they want you in their life, while you aren’t showing them much of the same. Besides, how do you expect to find your soulmate when you’re reluctant to let go of your “playmates?” The person who is going out of their way to show you that love is an action word should without a doubt feel the same type of love in return from you. Whether it be a good or bad day, there are certain things which should never be in question. 

Remember that as much as you are the choice and not anyone’s backup plan, that same energy needs to be requited with the giver, before they begin to feel like their shows of affection or going out of their way to let you know how much they want you in their life is a moot point. When a person knows the impact in which they have on the lives of those they touch, they can walk away, even if it’s with a heavy heart, it will be with clear conscience knowing that they tried their best to do their part. 

Let’s be honest, we all want that someone who calls when they say they will, doesn’t mind going on gym dates or walks in the park, or opting for a quick getaway with you on their free weekend. However, to qualify for these things, you should have no problem with reciprocating. Besides, relationships of ANY sort requires two people being in the game. Leaving all of the work up to one person to show and prove is well beyond selfish and unfair to a person who is standing before you bearing their entire heart.

The lyrics to the old Tank song, Maybe I deserve, years later are the most ludicrous words that I’ve ever heard in a love song. He implies that because he has cheated and treated his woman less than desirable that he deserves the same in return from her. As I often say, don’t come down to meet people where they are, but continue to vibrate higher. If it’s irreconcilable, then leave. Trust me, the universe has a way of serving up what people deserve without you having to consider it. Aside from losing what they obviously didn’t treasure, they’ll  end up searching for that in every other person moving forward. 

I haven’t lost any of you have I? Hopefully by now you get the point. Don’t be so caught up in what you feel you deserve that you’re totally oblivious that the other person too deserves the same. As much as they are showing that they TRULY want to be a part of your day to day life, it’s up to you to show them that you too want them there. Don’t become so self absorbed due to to past trauma or ego that you miss your blessings. When we think of happiness, the kind that starts within, and is only multiplied by the love of someone who values you...This is bliss. Be that in which you’d like to receive, and continue to push forward toward the best lives you’ve ever lived! Until next time. 

Artwork by David Chelsea 




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