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      In today’s society, social media has become a valuable communication tool. It is intended to reach others both locally and world wide in order to share, create, and spread information. If you ask me, when used properly, it is the best free marketing tool around from a business perspective. However, everyone doesn’t download these free apps for the same reasons. Which brings me to today’s topic, or should I say question. Should couples follow each other on social media? 

     As with any thing, this subject is a matter of opinion in which people tend to ask me to weigh in on. As an observer of human behaviors, I have LOADS to say on the topic of social media and it’s uses. May wanna grab some popcorn for this one. It’s gonna get good. 

    Before I go on, here are a few disclaimers. As before stated, everyone is on social media for their own personal reasons. My views may not reflect yours is true, therefore I always play devils advocate in order to give different perspectives on this or any subject. Also be mindful that I am not here to sugar coat anything, so this might step on a few toes. If it stings a little, chances are you probably need to tighten up! I’m not the judge or the jury, but I don’t mind calling bullshit if I see it. 

       Social media is defined as websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts. 

       Nowhere does the definition mention that it is a dating site, ALTHOUGH this is largely what it has become. You can make a post in reference to selling a pair of shoes, and this post will generate more direct messages about how good you would look in these shoes, or what someone wouldn’t give for a date with you, than it does genuine inquiries on the product mentioned. I am absolutely a firm believer in if you don’t ask the answer is already no. I am however, a bigger believer in there being a time and place for everything.

      When using your context clues, fellas, you can typically pin point who is on social media for what reasons. Let these ladies that are marketing their business do so in peace. Ladies, you aren’t exempt. AHT AHT.....don’t slide in that mans dm and his woman is his WCW every week. When in doubt, just don’t slide in there at all. Get you some business. 

      You see, these are just a couple of reasons that could make it difficult for couples to peacefully follow each other on social media. When in essence, they should absolutely be able to do so without any issues. I want to go back to the mention of a man and his WCW for a minute. Because social media has become the place where if it isn’t posted it isn’t happening. If you don’t see any posts of a woman on his feed, she doesn’t exist. If every one of a woman’s posts doesn’t reference “Bae” then he isn’t in her bed. These have to be the saddest misconceptions of all times. 

      We all know what temptation has led people to do from the beginning of time in the Garden of Eden, but you can only hope that your relationships are stronger than a dm. And believe me when I say, some people can be relentless in what they may think is wearing you down to the point that you finally give in.    

     People......learn to respect the curve. We are all grown enough to know when someone has something else going on or just isn’t interested. All the dinner invites, trip offerings to St. Tropez, and offering to shower them with all the diamonds in the mine are not as cute and original as you may think. I don’t care how single she appears to be on social media, guys, chances are she would be on Tinder if she was seeking a love connection. 

    Here is a very disturbing fact. There are women in this world who prey on men that appear to take good care of their women. This may come as an unpopular opinion, but what he does for her doesn’t mean that is what your hand calls for. Social media and all of the date night pics, new gift shares, or even trips around the world will have people envy a life that they don’t know much about at all. Nor do they know what this woman has endured or how down she has been to be spoiled in this manner. Please don’t be the guy who’s happily married in public but single in these dm’s. 

    Here is a question for you all. Ladies and gents, reflect back on the examples I’ve given on how temptation may come your way. If your mate asks you to block someone that they deem questionable for ANY reason, would you willingly do so for the sake of your relationship without question? Now remember how I always advocate treating people how we would want to be treated. If you wouldn’t like it, more than likely neither would your mate. Now, what’s your answer? 

    While you ponder over that, let’s talk about some visible things that could make a significant other uncomfortable. Ladies, you first. Your business page is public and chances are there are several strangers that follow you. I am sure we have all witnessed those few people that have conversations with themselves in someone’s comment section, almost eluding to the fact that you all have a personal relationship. After several instances, your man makes mention of it, because just as we view all comments on his posts, nine out of ten men do the same with their woman. He asks about the comments, you tell him that this person is a stranger, but he lets you know it makes him uncomfortable and wants you to block him. Do not pass go or collect $200. DO IT IMMEDIATELY. Never allow your mate to feel like anyone else supersedes them or how they feel. Guys, same rules apply. 

    In conclusion, just to reiterate, there should be no reason that people in relationships can not follow each other on social media. It’s nothing like having a long frustrating day in business and your “person” comes down your timeline and you forget about all that is bad in the world in that instance. Never allow strangers or outsiders who do not respect the known or unknown in your life to create any type of rift within your situation. Do not break the trust of your love over what you deem as a harmless interaction. Do whatever is best for your union, despite what that looks like to anyone else. Also, remember not to allow someone to slide in your dm that couldn’t tell you a thing about loyalty and jeopardize what you have. Especially the ones that let you know that they don’t even respect what they have. Be mindful that the grass is greenest where you water it. 



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  • First off I love that last line, “The grass is always greenest where you water it the most”.

    Yes-couples can follow each other on social media. I agree that there has to be an agreed what is not allowed code between the two. As for the aggressive always a side chic, chics; fuckem… let them see me and my man living a secured happy life. Females like that thrive on insecurity, they look for a gateway and the delete button may indicate such. Besides keep your enemies closer and a wanna be side chic even closer. Still my man will have to be the one to set her straight particularly while I am sitting on top of him riding as he types in that little box that he is already in the box he needs to be in. Now if he creeps in her inbox behind my back I will know because side chics always give telltale signs. In that case he was never mine. I can’t speak for anyone else but gone are the days I see any man as the last man of on earth.

    I to will respect my man and check and remove accordingly as long as it is within reasoning and not rooted in control.

    Some men can be a bit aggressive however, women we check them fast while men who in my opinion are the most insecure of the sexes will enjoy the attention a bit. Some mean no harm it’s just the way they are made.

    I love this totally awesome free marketing arena equally as much as I love the social and dating aspect of it. I am hoping my Prince Charming hits my inbox since I don’t have a lot of free time to get out on the physical social scene but you betcha I will vet him to ensure he is single first.

    • Malyonjays