Date Night

       Just as every bomb dinner recipe has certain ingredients that make it desirable, a lasting bomb ass relationship does as well. Some tend to think that it’s a cake walk being in a relationship once you’re “in,” and that could not be further from the truth. It takes more nurturing to keep it going than it did to woo the person into wanting to do life with you. Honesty. Compromise. Communication. Understanding. Patience. Intellectual compatibility. And SEX. Lots of sex, are the attributes that should be a part of your relationship. It can however, be so easy to fall into a daily pattern of complacency and forget to keep your partner engaged and feeling appreciated.

       Dating your mate is law. And before you even start talking about how the weather is changing and it’s too cold to go out, or that an expensive dinner date isn’t always within budget, first lend me an ear. Date night doesn’t always entail leaving the confines of your warm and comfortable home. There are plenty of ways to date your mate that don’t include leaving the house or breaking the bank. The possibilities can be endless. 

       Let’s start with the basics. A quiet dinner. Although the end result should be anything but. I do understand that not everyone knows their way around a kitchen. In this instance, use a cheat code. Order in. Something as simple as your favorite Chinese foods to share, a nice candlelit table scape complete with a nice wine, and some feel good music playing in the background sets the scene for the perfect dinner at home. Besides, it’s not about the amount of the check at the end of the night more than it is the company that you’re in. Right? And there’s no antsy drive time home before you can be each other’s dessert.

      How many of you have contemplated getting it on in a movie theater, but were too afraid to get caught? That is something you don’t need to concern yourself with when you have movie night in. Both of you pick a movie. Pop some popcorn or grab your favorite movie time snack. Having a fireplace to roast marshmallows to make s’mores with is a bonus. Grab a warm throw blanket to cuddle under and pause the movie as many times as needed for “intermissions.”

      Here’s one for the competitive couples. Strip uno or any card game of choice will be loads of fun. Set out some chips and dip. And of course, you alls cocktail of choice to help get you loose. Shower and put on your two piece pajama sets with underwear underneath for an added tease. For each hand lost, that person has to shed an article of clothing. The person to get naked first loses. However I think it’s a win win for both, depending on how the loser chooses to reward their partner. 

      Just these few simple suggestions should get your creative juices flowing enough to help you set a date night at home tailored specifically to your likes. It doesn’t matter much what you choose to do, the goal is to spend quality time often with your mate. Couples will live under the same roof and have little to no interaction. Communication and physical touch or the lack there of can make or break a relationship. Remember the components of a great and lasting relationship that I listed above?  It’s up to both parties to do the work. I stress this often, I know. Because it’s just that serious.
        Making time to date your partner is letting them know that they’re important to you and that there’s no where else that you’d rather be. Don’t fall into the Ed and Peggy Bundy syndrome where you both sit on the sofa as if the other isn’t there. Don’t wanna disturb him while a game is on Ladies? Why not be his half time show? It’s just long enough for a good quickie. Or whatever is clever. Just never stop trying to seize every opportunity to love on each other. Remember the same things that attracted them are the same things that will keep them. With keeping that in mind, I will add consistency to the list of attributes. Consistently find ways to love your partner over and over again. And as always, live your best lives together and have unlimited incredible sex. 


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