Rona Bae

        Hey luvbugs, unless you’ve been under a rock, you know about the Corona virus pandemic that is plaguing the nation. Quarantines and mandatory lock downs are in place in several major cities already. And aside from the obvious, such as prevention, people are already going haywire over being stuck at home for a lengthy period of time as well as having no income coming in, depending on your situation. What we know so far is that keeping your hands washed, surfaces sterilized, and applying heat to your sinus cavity should kill any potential threat of the virus. As much of a bummer that this all is, instead of going into panic mode, find the silver lining in this cloud. 

     For all of the cancellations and things that are being affected by this virus, LOVE can not be cancelled. And you guys know how much I love love. Let’s be honest, most of our relationships sometimes have to take a back seat to our every day demands. We don’t always have time to plan an elaborate date night, or may be too tired most nights to even cuddle on the sofa and catch a movie. So instead of complaining about being locked down at home with your significant other for days on end, take advantage of the time together. If you don’t cohabitate, someone pack a back and head on over. 

      I’m always dropping jewels about date nights and spending time together. However, in case you missed it, here’s your guide to making the best of the quarantine without succumbing to idle time or boredom. For starters, I shouldn’t have to tell you to stock up on food and necessities to make sure you’re covered for the duration of the lockdown. While you’re stocking up, grab some card and board games   for two to play. Make sure that if you don’t have a stocked bar at home, to grab your cocktails of choice and play for shots. 

       Ladies, this one is for you. On one of the nights, plan an elaborate formal dinner since I’m sure you may be tired of being in pajamas by now. Think of his favorite meal, not the fast survival foods you may have been on lately and prepare it to the T.  Both of you get dressed as if you were going out and feast on a four-course meal. I’m sure that you won’t have too hard of a time figuring out dessert. 

     It will be hard not to spend a lot of time eating fast and unhealthy foods. Especially given the fact that we have no idea how long a lock down can be in place. Put together a couple’s workout to do each morning when you get up. Perhaps reserve the weekends as the off days to sleep in. Make the workout effective and competitive enough to make sure you aren’t packing on unwanted weight during the quarantine. To up the ante, whoever taps out first loses, and the other gets to call servitude. Meaning that you will be at your partners beck and call for that entire day. So get your stamina up! *wink* 

      Choose one night as a throwback movie night where each of you chooses your favorite old school movie. Pop some popcorn or get your movie snacks of choice ready and get to streaming or pulling out old dvds. There’s something about sparking nostalgia that is utterly sexy. The movies may take you back to a time where you were wishing you’d find a love like the ones in the movies. Or that you’d find that person that you now have. Bask in that ambiance and love on each other. Just because. 

      Instead of hating the idea of staying in during quarantine, use the time to rediscover one another. The things which we take for granted during our every day hustle and bustle. I’m always stressing how we should never get too comfortable. This could be the blessing in disguise that your relationship needs. Don’t allow boredom to win. Make every day count, until we are back to our regularly scheduled programs. And for all of my singles out there, this may just let you know where you stand with someone. Use the time to fall in love with yourself. Grab a copy of Love Language. My guided journal. It is such an enlightening read. Until next time, keep living your best lives. 



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