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     Well if one of my fav days of the week hasn’t crept back up again. I just love my candid talks with you all. Hopefully everyone had an amazing love day. And perhaps some of my suggestions were helpful for a few. In the event that anyone bombed, there’s always today! Remember, we aren’t waiting until Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any holiday to cater to or show our special person appreciation. 

      I want to speak to my ladies today. Fellas, you aren’t exempt from reciprocity. However as always my goal is to make sure my ladies are ready. I feel like it’s my personal duty to make certain that you all make us look bomb as a unit. And what I’m hearing lately is a bit underwhelming. I know how influential pop culture, music, and even some bitter bitty friends can be. But chile let me be the one to tell you that ain’t nothing wrong with catering to that man. Not unless you’re ok with his work wife doing so! 

      To ca·ter is to provide what someone or something needs or wants. Now. Here’s the tricky part about this. When it comes to a man, besides the basic necessities, many of them don’t necessarily require a lot. That does not in any way mean that they do not yearn for more. As the person in their life, it is your JOB....yes I said make sure you always speak to the King In him if he is deserving. Because we know the difference between who is and who isn’t   deserving, I won’t spend a lot of time there. What I will encourage is don’t waste your time there. Life is too short. Move on. 
      In a healthy relationship, it’s pertinent to make sure that each other are taken care of. Mind, body, and soul. You will hear that a lot from me. Merely because caring for someone goes well beyond the physical. You have to nurture every aspect of them. Remembering never to leave a stone unturned. It should become so natural and routine that it doesn’t seem like a chore. Caring for your partner and keeping a smile on their face should bring you joy. When he’s happy, I’m happy kinda thing. 

      I know there’s still a few of you staring off into space, clueless. Still stuck on the “cater to” part. Look away from the light City Girl stans. Them ladies have men in real life, so don’t believe the hype. If that man is hungry, make him a meal. As a matter of fact, don’t wait for him to be hungry. The meal should be prepped in advance. You know he needs his three squares. And of course he’s either capable of cooking for himself or at bare minimum can work Uber eats. But why though? Why would he need you? I’m sure you’ve heard the age-old adage. Cooked with love. When you stand over that stove and prepare meals to nourish your man. You’re showing him you care. You’re showing him love. 
       No matter what line of work your man is, there will always be a level of stress attached to it some days. When you know it’s been a rough day, pour his favorite cocktail, light a sensual candle, have Alexa play some feel good music and lead him to a hot shower after helping him get undressed on sight. As much as the shower makes for an amazing sex scene, this evening may just call for you to sponge bathe him as he replays the events of his day to you. Wash away the day is what it’s called. The problem may still exist, but the stress related to it will more than likely minimize as it goes down the drain, just from such a small gesture. And you just being there for him. 

     The catering goes beyond picking him up when he’s down. Keep the same energy when he’s up. Remind him often that you’re proud of him. You can say or do this with so many tiny gestures. Dress up for him on a random night. Not to go anywhere, but for date night in. After you’ve made all of his favs with dessert on the side, wear something he loves seeing you in topped off with his favorite scent on you. You never need a reason to date each other. That should never stop. There should never be a period of complacency within a relationship. When you forget what you have, there’s always those on the sideline who always knew and wish they had a shot. Don’t help their campaign by lacking in yours. 
     I think by now that my point is clear. When he’s hungry, feed him. Horny, sex him crazy. Feeling down, uplift him. Keep unlimited smiles on his face. Be his lover and his best friend. This is minimal payment toward your happily ever after. Remember that everyone has a part to play. And playing victim to circumstances you create ain’t it. So always be cognizant of your “why” and you should never have a problem with showing him that he is always appreciated. Treat me good and I’ll treat you better is the motto. Keep that on repeat. All 2020 and beyond as we live our best lives. Until next week. Xoxo 

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  • 100% accurate. I was trying to explain to my spouse why men cheat. Boredom, Not enough attention, lack of sex, lack of intimacy, and lack of mental stimulation. Also, some men are full of greed.

    • King